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About Me

I'm Erez Mor. A software developer, expert in server-side architecture, cloud services, DevOps and DB programming and admin. I've been in the IT field for over 16 years doing almost any kind of server-side, database and network programming. I love constructing end-to-end solutions! from definition phase up to creating large, scalable and load-balanced applications. In the past 5 years i was intensively working with Amazon AWS, implementing large scale applications in the clouds while making use of almost every feature and integration methodology. Most important, i love what i do :)

  • Welcome to the machine


    It was love at first sight, when i got my Atari 600XL pc for my 12th birthday. A year later i was writing in assembler and machine language code.

  • AHAVA Dead Sea Laboratories

    1996 - 1999

    Working in DSL raw materials' warehouse, I decided i'd have a go using MS-Access (version 2) to replace as much very-unfriendly-mainframe-terminal work as i can. Short while after i was transferred to the IT department, Doing the same for all other departments of the company.

  • Unitech Technologies

    2000 - 2001

    Instructor for VB6, VBA, MS Access and SQL programming.

  • Microsoft certified solution developer (MCSD)


    Validation of the ability to design and build solutions that extend beyond traditional platform boundaries.

  • Q-bit computing

    2002 - 2009

    Independent Business Owner. Project management, development of turn-key software and DB solutions for 7 years.

  • Eyekon ERD

    2009 - 2015

    Senior software developer, Establishing a full operating, computerized infrastructure from scratch. Development of large scalable applications on the AWS cloud.

  • erez.io

    I am ready for my next venture.


Development languages

I write my code in C#, VB.NET, .NET (2.0-4.5).
I have vast experience in VB6 and VBA too.

Software & Frameworks

Visual studio 2013 / 2012 / 2010 / 2005
ADO.NET, EntityFramework, DI

Operating systems

Windows server 2012 / 2008 / 2003


API - Messaging

MailChimp / Mandrill


API - Telecommunications

Tropo cloud telephony / RoutoMessaging telecommunications



Extensive experience with Amazon AWS cloud services, Including EC2, S3, SNS, SQS, SES, CloudFront, ElasticBeanstalk and more...


SQL-Server – High level skills T-sql, .NET CLR, DB maintenance, DB Administration
Amazon RDS, MS-Access, SQL-Server Express, SQLite




API - Google

Google calendars / Google maps


API - Mobile appstore

Apple App store / Google play

How can i help you?

I love continually learning any new technology i hear about, but i will build your solution using only what i'm expert at.

Move your business upwards

Migrate from on-premises servers to cloud based infrastructure. I can help you understand the implications, both operational and cost-related. Create a plan for moving databases, file systems and even user-desktop environments into the clouds

Create cloud-based work flow

Have a sofisticated algorithm that needs to be implemented? Or an elaborate workflow to collect, process and produce data in any form? Weather it's still all in your head, or an existing workflow, incorporating web sites, REST web services, mobile applications, relational and NoSql databases, online storage... and ALL the code that will run your process between them...I've got you covered

The world wide web

Access and integrate services from all around the world into your business work-flow.

Integrate maps, mail or calendars from google, Build custom voip and ivr systems using tropo or twilio, or publish your own data as standarized service for the world to consume...

Last but certainly not least

I give 15% of my time to help others in need. I try to find projects in my area of expertise, but whenever i dont, there's always so much else to do...

Anyway, if you think your computing needs fit the above (non profit, social/economic alleviation etc.), please contact me, and i'll try allocate the resources to help you




For any inquiries and information, please contact me.